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We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer Holidays! Our Bible Verse of the Year Esther 4:14 "...who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

United in Faith and Hope »

"We were set a challenge this Lent one of practical application of faith. 'Physically reviving our church with a lick of paint'. Members of all ages from both PPRBC and Life of the world came together to refresh our church. We hope it looks warm and welcoming to all. Please visit and let us know how you think we did!

"The Young peoples concert at Rye lane was a huge success. It was enjoyed by all that attended. Thank you to Rye Lane for inviting us to attend and our young people to perform."

Churches Of Peckham »

We beleive the Lord is looking for the churches in Peckham to grow in unity and strength together. Since 2007 the 6 local Baptist churches in Peckham have been engaged in seeking God's way forward for the Baptist presence in Peckham. His desire is to increasingly impact this area with His transforming love and if we are in line with His will then it will help us to be in fellowship together.

We have been training, working, worshipping, and having fun together for the last four years. We hold united services and prayer meetings on a regular basis. Together we are on a journey with God to a place of greater Kingdom effectiveness. Comunicating God's love with our presence and work in Peckham.

Amott Road SE15 4HU; Philip Bowder

North Peckham SE15 6DR; Elder Colin Haynes

Peckham Park Road SE15 6SX; Rev Ann Luther

Peckham Rye Tab SE15 4NP; Stephan Gutman

Rye Lane Chapel SE15 5EX; Rev Frank Goveia

South London Tab SE5 AQF; Rev Paul Collett

Green Olives »


Green Olives is a before and after school club that operates from Peckham Park Baptist Church.


Life Of The World »

Is another church that operates from Peckham Park Baptist Church, we have enjoyed their partnership during shared Projects and Services, such as the hugely successful 'Gospel' weekend.


Update »

Local news from South London Tab. "Open house Fridays from 3:30 Has proved a huge success and has been very busy with lots of people from the local area coming in for a chat and a bite to eat."


"We all have gifts from God and there are many ways to share them including sharing a cup of coffee and a chat."

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