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We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer Holidays! Our Bible Verse of the Year Esther 4:14 "...who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

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Marcia leads our worship team, who work really hard during the week preparing to lead us in worship on a Sunday morning.

We have been blessed to have guest worship leaders to support our team in their development; including singing lessons. Members of our worship team include Marcia, Olga, Joan, Gillian, Jennifer and David C.

During this year the attitude to worship has developed with the group becoming freer to express themselves. Taking turns to lead worship and having the young people more involved. The group have devoted time and effort to seek and become closer to God.

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2nd Generation a worship group that consist of young people aged 16-30. They have brought a fresh and new approach to praise & worship and have had a great impact within the church. They continue to lead praise & worship every fortnight.

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