We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer Holidays! Our Bible Verse of the Year Esther 4:14 "...who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”


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Update 2015 »

* Sister Gillian was given a good send off to her new work in Ghana with the UN she is missed but keeps in touch on our Facebook page. The group has grown with three new members and the arrival of two baby boys. JAWA has continued to meet for bible study and prayer meetings; and have received the answer to prayers. They identify leading Sunday morning service, coffee mornings, night vigils’ and their boat trip as this year’s highlights for JAWA. Listen to their service here.


JAWA has supported the church through prayer and has been a source of strength to one another both with prayer, support and contribution to those in need with regard to funerals, bereavement, birthdays and new baby’s. They have taken on more responsibility for roles within their group and the larger church.


In the year ahead they hope to see new members join the group, and to host more social activities.



Update 2013 »


JAWA have grown in strength and direction leading worship ans services and supporting the church in its growth.

PS, The boys are now todlers!


Sister Gillian still keeps in touch via our facebook page Peckham Park Road Baptist Church Facebook

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